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Fabbris Smallgoods is a leading manufacturer of Australian Pork with produce aimed at the gourmet consumers. They distribute their products nationally and to New Zealand.


Across both of their sites in Victoria they were consuming over 1,572,000 kWh of electricity and spending in excess of $200,000 a year on power.

They were aiming to consolidate their energy suppliers and reduce the demand from the network, resulting in improved operational expenditure and lower running costs.



A blind tender with multiple electricity retailers ensured competitive bidding process which produced some aggressive retail pricing options. By using the economies of scale, total consumption across both sites was considered, resulting in a 50.6% saving for Fabbris Smallgoods.

Network Analysis

A detailed analysis of the consumption across both sites indicated that the demand profile, the times at which power was being used, did not match the best tariffs available from the network. By successfully negotiating preferable tariffs, Fabbris Smallgoods were able to save $47,816 per year.





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