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The Lago brand can be found in all discerning pizza establishments using their pizza cotto and salami range of products. The business also services hotels, restaurants, cafes, bistros and boutique butchers buying from their comprehensive Lago brand of products.
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Concerned about rising energy costs, the directors enlisted Choice Energy to undertake an analysis of the business’ energy bills.

By carefully monitoring the energy market on behalf of Lago, Choice Energy was able to lock in electricity retail contracts before a significant rate increase.

Choice Energy also built a consumption and load profile of the energy Lago was using. By collecting data and submitting an evidence-based application, Choice Energy was able to renegotiate a better tariff from Lago’s network provider.

Choice Energy also installed a power factor correction unit for the business, in an effort to reduce the demand from its network provider.



By undertaking a network tariff assessment, Choice Energy saved the business $19,000 per year.


Through Choice Energy’s energy procurement services, the business was able to save $42,300 over three years.


By installing a power factor correction unit, Lago was able to save a further $16,300 per year

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