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Newstone is a leading stone manufacturer, based just out of Geelong in Breakwater. Known for its quality stonemasonry, leading expertise and state of the art equipment and facilities, the business offers a range of engineered stone, ultra compact surfaces, natural stone and marble.

Sustainability plays a huge role in the businesses operations and core values. They harvest their own water through an extensive rainwater tank network and have implemented recycling systems to ensure they minimise their impact on the environment.

Solar was the ideal next step for this business.

How we helped

Owner Dean wanted to partner with a group he could trust that would help the business reduce its environmental footprint and costs and continue to offer ongoing value.

Choice Energy ran a feasibility assessment and determined a 100kW solar system would help Dean offset the business' impact on the environment while also reducing his operational costs significantly.

Following the solar installation, the energy management team were able to secure additional savings, by identifying a new network tariff for the business and procuring it a competitive electricity contract as the wholesale electricity market bottomed out to a four year low for Victoria.




Through solar Dean is expected to save $20,000 per year by creating clean energy from his roof and relying less on the grid


Choice Energy later tendered out the business' electricity contract, securing approximately $17,800 in projected grid-energy savings over a 3.5 year period


Through solar, Choice Energy identified the business was eligible for a new network tariff, securing the business another $17,400 in grid-energy savings per year.

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