CDC NSW and Choice Energy Energy Broker Partnership

The situation

Comfortdelgro CDC Cabcharge  (CDC NSW) is one of the largest transport operators in NSW and provides services to local communities in Sydney, including the northwest area of Sydney, Hunter region, Blue Mountains and Queanbeyan.

With the cost of energy increasing exponentially across the country, CDC NSW needed to find a way to reduce their power bills across their 27 small and large market sites.

Our solution

Choice Energy partnered with CDC NSW and secured a collective energy procurement tender for 7 of their large market sites, locking in their energy rates for 36 months to avoid any further price increases.

The energy broker team then ran an energy comparison for the 20 small market sites and were able to identify a more competitive energy retailer for the sites.

As a result, Choice Energy was able to save CDC NSW $53,000 per annum.

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