Thanks to a drop in demand and a complex year, a window has opened for Australia businesses to get ahead by significantly reducing their energy bills. As your dedicated energy manager, Choice Energy is ready to assist you in discovering how these unseen lows and tax benefits can help you future-proof your business against unseen fluctuations further down the track.

Your energy assessment:

  • Gives you access to leading insights from a dedicated energy broking expert
  • Is cost-free, meaning the savings start from day one.
  • Lets you gain comprehensive insight into how your business can free up cash flow.
  • Is obligation free. We give you expert insight but it is always your decision to act at any point.

It’s simple to organise and could save your business thousands. Whether you’re a large energy user or a small business, lowering your energy bill is a cash flow positive move, and puts money back in your pocket.
Simply request your assessment below and discover what you could be saving.

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Based on the type of account, when you request your free energy assessment we can empower you with:

✓ A review of your retail rates, and forward-contracting opportunities to take advantage of the 5-year wholesale market drop

✓ An assessment on the accuracy of your network costs

✓ Your eligibility for solar grants, and the unlimited instant asset tax write off, should solar be a feasible option for your business.

+ Bonus Offer: Be one of the first 20 businesses to receive your energy assessment and we'll give you a $50 pre-paid credit card.

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What does October mean for businesses looking to save energy?

Now is the perfect time to have your energy needs expertly assessed, thanks to a range of time sensitive events.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a downturn in the price of wholesale energy unseen for the past five years. An assessment today could see a retail energy price locked in that may not be seen again.

The Instant Asset Tax Write Off benefit has been expanded to an unlimited cap. This opportunity means your investment in solar could be more affordable than ever. Read more about the write off here.

We've helped businesses just like yours save on their energy bills

Why savvy business owners choose Choice Energy

Choice Energy is an award-winning, Australian owned and operated energy firm helping businesses reduce business energy costs with over 3,500 customers. We know saving money on energy expenses is an ongoing requirement, which is why we maintain our relationships, ensuring you have a dedicated energy manager looking out for your business needs, and keeping you informed of new and expert ways you can save.

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“At a time when everyone could use a little help to save a dollar, Choice Energy helped our business find a new Energy retailer at the same cost, without incurring the annual increase proposed by our old energy retailer. Included was independent metering to be able to verify bills easily and the process also helped us get a demand reset as part of a solution that delivers our business a saving of over $20,000. These guys can handle everything…Great job Choice Energy.”

— David Maillard, Financial Controller, Beaconsfield Home Timber & Hardware

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