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Bayswood Timber Wholesalers are a dedicated timber wholesaler servicing the requirements of timber merchants, joiners and manufactures all over Australia. Bayswood Timber is situated on more than 5 Acres in Hallam, Victoria. Before Choice Energy helped, they were spending in excess of $60,000 on grid power across 2 sites.

In the face of increasingly expensive electricity, Bayswood Timber Merchants commissioned Choice Energy to reduce their reliance on grid power. After Choice Energy procured market-leading energy rates via a tender, we installed a digital meter to manage demand and validate bills.  

A 180 KW turn-key solar solution was partly subsidised by $19,000 of LGC funding to offset solar costs and a Power Factor Correction unit was installed to reduce Peak Demand. This resulted in savings of around over $40,000 per annum.



solar install

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