Our customer

Anytime Fitness is a 24-hour fitness club that operates across 4,000 franchise locations in 30 countries. Anytime Fitness Tamworth is renowned for its state of the art equipment – giving its members a high quality experience.

Their challenge

With the expansion of the wellness centre and a steady increase in new members, electricity usage increased rapidly, especially during the summer months. As a result, electricity rates for the club increased by 50%. Naturally the club was looking for an energy management solution that was going to benefit their bottom line.

The solution

Choice Energy installed 3 turnkey solar solutions for Tamworth’s two sites – the main gym and the wellness centre, and a further centre at Taree. The solar solutions will generate 70% of the site’s day time usage at Tamworth, and 65% of the site consumption needs at Taree. The business was able to take advantage of close to $30,000 of federal government funding, which meant the entire project was cash flow positive from day one. Choice Energy will be working with Anytime Fitness Tamworth and Taree to ensure the performance and saving targets are met.


Solar Assessment

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