Energy Procurement and Energy Management Services


Australian owned and operated, Choice Energy specialises in supporting businesses in all industries to reduce their energy costs through energy procurement services, that include:

  • Identifing their current contract needs
  • Mitigating risk and exposure with potential contract penalties
  • Negotiating the most competitive rates for clients on both small market and large market/commercial contracts.

How do we operate? 

We utilise a closed bid tender process to deliver the best financial outcomes for your business, encompassing a strategic approach to ensure your current and future energy demands, contractual requirements, site details and market trends are all considered to deliver the best outcomes for you.

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Network Cost Assessments

There are 3 parts to your bill..


1.The fixed rate contracted money which goes to your Retailer. e.g. AGL

2.The negotiable tariff and demand money which goes to your Network Provider. e.g. Jemena

3.The environmental state & federal charges. The regulator charges. Charges for metering so your load can be measured and you can be billed accordingly.

The Common Assumption

Most people assume that because they are locked into a contract with their Retailer, their Network charges are pass-through and cannot be changed at any time. They can.

Network providers often have better cost-reflective tariffs available which better suit your consumption profile. They release new tariffs every year. Our job is to find you the most appropriate one and get your costs reduced.


Choice Energy specialises in the analysis & optimisation of electricity network tariffs.

The network charges for any contestable business makes up to 60% of your energy costs, and Choice Energy has a successful record in delivering significant savings to its clients through optimising your network tariff.

How It Works

We use complex systems to analyse your meter data and calculate annual network charges based on your electricity usage. Then we match your load profile against other network tariffs on your distributor and compare annual costs. If we see a cheaper tariff we will prepare formal submission to the local distributor to have the site network tariff changed.

If you are on a demand tariff, we can also review demand data to ensure your contract demand matches your demand profile. If your contract demand is too high then we can formally request a demand reset through the local distributor, saving thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for larger users.

Energy Efficiency Initiatives and Federal Funding


Choice Energy specialises in a range of energy efficiency initiatives to help businesses take back control with lowering energy consumption, energy costs and reducing reliance on grid based power.

To this end, we provide complete end-to-end solutions with both industrial grade Solar Systems and LED lighting systems for commercial applications. Both solutions are a turn key product, with Choice Energy only utilising Tier 1 components backed by market leading warranties and support. With respect to Solar, our forte is large scale systems ranging anywhere from a 10kW system to a Solar Farm producing 2500 MWh of solar output.

Our membership with the Clean Energy Council enables Choice Energy to access Federal Funding, both STCs (Small Scale Technology Certificates) and LGCs (Large Scale Certificates) with applications to generate annuity revenue or direct credits for the client depending on the size of the applicable system.


“I was introduced to Lachlan Magee from Choice Energy by Clive Martella from M B Prefab who recommended installing Solar Power as he had found that Choice Energy had delivered what they had promised and I have no hesitation in recommending Lachlan and Choice Energy as every commitment and projection they have made to me has come to fruition.”

Geoff Baxter, Managing Director

BB Truss & Timber

Power Factor Correction

Many businesses with large electricity consumption have seen changes in the way they are charged for demand. The unit used to be kilowatt (kW) but now it has changed to kilovolt-amps (kVA) so charges will better reflect the amount of apparent power the distributor needs to supply to each business. What’s great is they give businesses a better opportunity to manage their peak demand by assessing the load of equipment being run, and the timing of equipment operating at peak load. Businesses can reduce their kVA demand by improving their Power Factor.

Your power factor is the ratio between the real power your business requires and the apparent power required in order to supply it. If you have a good power factor then your systems are running efficiently and your distributor is supplying you with only the power you require.

If you have a poor power factor you need to be supplied more apparent power in order to receive enough real power to run your equipment. You can install power factor correction equipment that provides the extra reactive power required. You’ll reduce the amount of kVAs your business is supplied from your distributor and lower the demand charge on your bill.


Contract Management, Energy Monitoring & Reporting Services

Choice Energy provides SHIELD monitoring and reporting services to help mitigate the risk and exposure of large market bill charges, whilst importantly providing valuable insight and pro-active measures to ensure you are always in control of your total energy position. Please see the Bill Validation and Network Cost Assessment components on the following pages as examples.

SHIELD metering forms part of the forward electricity contract (large market sites only) for the mandatory Comms4 meter to the property and partners with industry leading metering agents. SHIELD replaces the retailer default metering charge with which you receive zero value or services in return.



Bill Validation

As part of our SHIELD service, Choice Energy will have real-time access to your consumption interval data. You can rest assured that your bills are to good pay. All you need to do is provide us with a copy and we will validate the consumption, distribution/ marginal loss factor, network charges and contracted rates as per your retail agreement.

Choice Energy will liaise with your retailer on your behalf where we have your instruction to have your bill reduced to the correct value.