As a leading Energy Management Consultancy, Choice Energy’s mission is to empower its clients by providing expert advice, innovative energy solutions and unrivalled support that delivers enhanced economic and environmental outcomes for Australian businesses. With years of industry experience we leverage commercial relationships to pass on savings to our customers all over Australia.


Energy Procurement and Tendering

Choice Energy specialise in procuring the best energy rates available of your business.

We have successfully helped over 2500 business get a better deal on their electricity and gas rates.

We have relationships with 9 different retailers who can bid for your businesses electricity contract in our closed tender process.

Network Tariff Analysis

When was the last time you looked at the energy tariff your business is being charged? Chances are it’s really out-dated and not at all suited to the way you use electricity. Put simply, you are very likely paying more for your power than you have to. We can help you change that.

CHOICE ENERGY are experts when it comes to optimisation of electricity network tariffs and have a very successful track record in making significant savings through changing network tariffs for our clients. We have a NO savings = NO fee policy. Our fees are a one off and you carry on savings for years to come.


The business model of no-saving-no-fee made Network Tariff Analysis a no-brainer for our company. We have significantly reduced our electricity costs and made savings for years to come.

Nick Robinson, MD International Sports Consulting

How It Works

We use complex systems to analyse your meter data and calculate annual network charges based on your electricity usage. Then we match your load profile against other network tariffs on your distributer and compare annual costs. If we see a cheaper tariff we will prepare formal submission to the local distributor to have the site network tariff changed.

If you are on a demand tariff, we can also review demand data to ensure your contract demand matches your demand profile. If your contract demand is too high then we can formally request a demand reset through the local distributor, saving thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for larger users.

Energy Efficiency Solutions

The world today is demanding more power than ever!

The real question is, are you using your power efficiently and effectively, and whom are you reliant upon for power? What measures have you taken to ensure the power you’re paying for isn’t going to waste, and are you getting the best bang for kWh to reduce your operating expenses?

At Choice Energy we provide a number of core Energy Efficiency Solutions to help you improve the efficiency of your plant and equipment, and to deliver radically improved financial and environmental outcomes for your business:

Contract Management, Energy Monitoring and Reporting Services

Choice Energy has developed a solution to help businesses turn their energy data into useable business intelligence. Furthermore, we analyse and use this data to mitigate the risk and exposure you have with your energy bills by providing bill validation services, performing periodic reviews of your network charges, precisely understanding your contractual obligations and delivering customised reports so that you can understand when, where and what time you are using your energy to improve your operational efficiency and sustainability. Choice Energy puts the power back in your hands!

Shield “Energy Protection for your business”

  • Bill Validation
  • Network Tariff Analysis
  • Customised usage reports
  • Demand management
  • Web Portal Access powered by Utiliview
  • Contract Management
  • Energy Efficiency Assessment
  • Dedicated Account Manager